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passion for perfection

About Us

passion for auto racing, Italian cars, German cars, speed and style

I founded Image Motorsports to proudly and properly serve automobile owners in Northern California.

Exotic cars require special attention to detail and care. These cars are engineering works of art.
Masterpieces that inspire the soul and excite the heart as you realize the full potential of the driving experience.
Exotic cars are the most beautiful vehicles on the road. Substantial effort goes into the design of their exterior and visual appearance as they glide over the pavement.
However, these engineering marvels are also just as beautiful on the inside, structurally and mechanically.

I am passionate about the immense innovation, design, and engineering that goes into the creation of each exotic car.

In my opinion, it is disrespectful not to strive for perfection in repairing or maintaining these cars.
It’s your car. If you want to take shortcuts to save a buck, then we may not be the right technicians for you.
If you share the same passion for cars as we do, then we’ll get along great and I look forward to meeting you. Please call or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Skilled and Experienced

Over thirty years of experience in exotic auto repair.

Automotive Technology Experts

Thorough knowledge of current auto computer systems and diagnostics.

European Specialists

Extensive mechanical, paint and body experience specializing in exotic European autos.

Metal Fabrication

Excellent metalsmith and fabricator with aluminum, titanium, and steel.

Paint and Color Matching

Paint and final finish journeymen with both single and two-stage polyurethane paints including complete auto & aircraft logos & insignias etc.

Concours and High End Restoration

Complete vehicle disassembly and restoration of each and every part and system.