Carbon fiber and composite design and fabrication

Aluminum Space Frame

The use of aluminum Alloys is to reduce the weight of structural members.


Cast Aluminum Reinforcements

Aluminum sheet is bonded to cast aluminum Parts too complicated to form.


High-Strength Steel Integration

The careful placement of high-strength Steel in and around the occupant cabin allows the softer Alloys and Composites to collapse while maintaining the structural rigidity around the passengers.


Carbon-Ceramic Braking

The insulating capabilities of carbon-ceramic brakes virtually eliminate all high temperature problems and increase friction.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber, pound-for-pound make up the lightest and strongest components integrated into today's vehicles. It is also the most expensive to manufacture and repair.


Aerospace Epoxy Bonding

Various epoxy bondings are the strongest glues in the world. They have replaced virtually all Dental fillings, they hold the heat absorbing tiles on spacecraft, and they glue your Tesla together.


Precision Works

Relentless Attention to Detail